Section Leadership Conference

Compete head-to-to head with your fellow FBLA members from the Bay Section. This is the first level of FBLA competition, and your opportunity to be recognized in FBLA competition and advance to the state level of competition.

Your Bay Section leaders are the hosts for this conference, and they have an exciting conference planned for you! Elect section officers, conduct section business, network, and compete with us at the Bay Section Leadership Conference!

February 11, 2023

Lynbrook High School

Section Leadership Team

President: Alan Jian (Email)
Vice President of Activities: Arjun Chandrasekar (Email)
Vice President of Outreach : Arnav Chakravarthy (Email)
Secretary/Treasurer: Esha Wanzakhade (Email)

Parliamentarian: Leo Sun (Email)
Public Relations: Lyria Zhu (Email)
Bay Section Director: Mr. Graeme Logie (Email)

Compete with the best of the best in the Bay Section