Adviser Conference

California FBLA brings together business educators from across the state to share ideas, engage in professional development, learn from state and industry leaders, and get FBLA related updates to help guide local chapters onto the path to success.

Section Officer and Adviser Training Days

California is divided into six geographical sections. These training days (also known as OAT Days) are held locally within the sections throughout the state. FBLA students and educators attend this one-day event early in the school year to receive training and materials from the state level to help local chapters plan and prepare for activities and programs for the upcoming year.

Leadership Development Institute

Each fall, California FBLA hosts a statewide leadership development experience. This multi-day conference is open to students, chapter leaders, and advisers. The conference features impactful guest speakers, interactive workshops, informative sessions, networking activities, and more.

Section Leadership Conferences

The first level of FBLA competition begins at this conference. Section Leadership Conferences are one-day conferences held locally within the sections throughout the state in early February. Attendees at these events elect section student leaders, conduct section business, and participate in competitions to quality for the state level competitions.

State Leadership Conference

This conference is the culminating state level event of the year! Held in the spring, and rotated between the northern and southern regions of the state, the State Leadership Conference is a multi-day conference with 1,500+ FBLA students in attendance from across the state. Students attend the conference to elect students state leaders, conduct state business, experience leadership and career development training, and engage in statewide competitions to determine who will represent California in national competitions.

National Leadership Conference

California FBLA’s best of the best travel to join thousands of FBLA members from across the country to represent our state at the National Leadership Conference. Over 12,000 students gather from around the United States, Germany, Canada, and the Virgin Islands to compete and gain leadership skills. For many members attending the National Leadership Conference, it is by far the best opportunity that FBLA offers.